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Introducing April : The Day That Changed My Life

Introducing April : The Day That Changed My Life

May 25th, 2012, a day I will never forget. It’s the day that I finally decided to change my life.

Let’s backtrack a little about my history first.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been thicker. Even in Jr. High I used to be one of the heavy girls as a size petite 8/10. During highschool I stayed active, playing tennis and various other sports throughout the year, but I managed to graduate in a size 16 at roughly 170ish pounds. I naturally put on the freshman-fifteen in college and just didn’t stop from there. By the time I’d met and married my husband I was already around 195 pounds and a size 18/20.

I had my daughter when I was twenty-three and it was an complicated pregnancy. I’d been wrought with various infections during my pregnancy and ended up losing thirty pounds on the bedrest/antibiotic/lortab diet. However, once she was born and I became more active, I naturally gained it back. When I was twenty-four, I had my gallbladder removed and was told to adopt a LOW-FAT diet. I did this for almost a year, eating smart-ones at lunch, salads for dinner…yet I still gained weight. I will admit that I wasn’t counting calories, just fat.

Another thing I admit – I was constantly hungry and depressed while on a super-low-fat diet, I binged more than I should have and often over-indulged in comfort foods. My husband recognized my struggle since he’d had a very similar childhood. He was always thicker, always huskier than other guys growing up. He’d been plagued with diets and trends that never seemed to work for him – that is until he was introduced to Keto. In his first week alone he lost twelve pounds! This definitely piqued my interest, but I demanded that I was way too addicted to carbs to ever give them up. Besides, “butter and meat will give you a heart attack,” and that’s not how I planned on going.

My husband pleaded with me to at least try keto for even a day. Just one day. I refused, until he had me watch a documentary called ‘Fat-head’. (Some refer to it as a mockumentary. However, it is still full of valuable information regarding why our bodies work the way they do.) When we sat down to watch ‘Fat-head’, I was IRRITATED that my weight “bothered him” enough to try to get me to change. Halfway through the show I was hooked. By the time it was over I was well aware that my husband wasn’t bothered by my weight! No! He was bothered by my lack of motivation to do something healthy for myself, for him and for our daughter. He’d found something that was going to change our lives and he wanted us to do it together.

What I learned from the documentary astounded me:

Nearly EVERYTHING I was putting into my body was slowly killing me! Carbs ARE bad, whole wheat is practically death and corn oils aren’t helping me at all!  WHY FDA, WHY?! THE FOOD PYRAMID IS A LIE! (I know that the pyramid isn’t used the way it was when I was a child, but that is the role model I grew up on and it’s what I remember the best.)


My heart healthy, high carb, low fat diet was partly to blame for my constant gain in weight. It was likely the cause for my borderline diabetic blood sugar readings I’d had after my surgery. Instead of wallowing, I got mad!
I told my husband that I was going to go weigh myself for the first time in months and asked for his support. He held my hand as I stood on the scale.


Now I’m not a tall girl either. I’m only a wee above 5’4″ and I have a fairly dainty structure. 216.4 made me obese class II. Something needed to change. I forced myself to look at that number. I was determined to stare at my body in the mirror. I hated what I saw...but I now had a ray of hope; a path to follow that could help me change it. I wasn’t going to be stuck in a 22W for the rest of my life and I had my husband to take this journey with me.

May 26th, 2012 was my first full day on a ketogenic diet. I dove in head first and haven’t looked back to carbs since then. Pffft. Carbs suck anyway!

So what are my results thus far, you may ask?

  • Down 60 pounds from a size 22W to a size 10! Sure, I’m not to my goal weight of 135 yet, but I’m definitely getting there and likely will by my one-year-ketoversary!
  • I can chase my daughter without feeling like death.
  • I can climb the stairs to my apartment without being winded.
  • My knees, ankles and feet no longer hurt.
  • My bra size has gone down significantly, taking care of a lot of upper back and shoulder pain.
  • My face is smaller, causing me to wear less make-up since I’m not as self-concious.
  • My transformation has inspired co-workers who are now adopting a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • My sleep cycle is regulated, preventing a lot of depression that I used to suffer from.
  • All together, I’m happier. I’m pleased with my self-image and I’m a lot more confident in myself.

And here’s what’s great about this lifestyle: Nearly anyone can do it! I’m a sloth by nature. I work 50 hours a week, once I get home, exercising is the LAST thing on my mind.
Most people don’t have to work out like a mule to get results.

To ANYONE who may read this and be where I was that night I stood on the scale, don’t look at that number and be depressed. Look at it as a challenge! It’s a number that YOUR decisions and determination can change. And with Keto, it’s easy to change. I lost nine pounds in my first week. Twenty in my first full month. I did this with NO exercise and lots of butter, steak, bacon and cream.
To Women who have been where I was with stretch marks and dimples, DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. One day, one day those stretch marks will only tell the story of who you were, who you’re not anymore and (supposing you’ve had a kid) THEY WILL STILL BE TIGER STRIPES OF MOTHERHOOD.

If I can do this, You can do this. Won’t you join us?


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  • john says:

    Talk about coincidences. I was browsing therealketodiet a few mins ago, and saw you there. Left it and jumped randomly on some keto blogs and one of them linked me here and I see you again.

    Congrats to the bazillionth power!

    The other thing is that both of us started keto on the same day! I’m a guy though and I’ve only managed to lose 30 pounds since then. But you’ve lost 60! Something has to be wrong in my plan. What gives I wonder?

    I have to ask, what were your meals like? Did you calorie count? I did at first and later stopped.

    • April says:

      Our meals consist of LOADS of fat. We generally only eat two times a day since our meals are so filling. Some common meals in our house are pepper-jack stuffed chicken thighs with some greens, steak with cauliflower, homemade wings with different BW3′s rubs or eggs with bacon. (My favorite snack is fried cheese!)

      We always cook with butter, coconut oil or occasionally lard. If we can add cream to it somewhere, we will!

      I definitely count my calories too and try to keep at least 200-300 calories short of my recommended intake based on my BMR. I’ve noticed when I stop counting my calories on MFP, I tend to slow down with my weight loss. (November – current… ._.;) Back to MFP I go, and maybe I’ll see you there! My username is dainslef.

      And thanks for the compliment! I was nervous to post my face online, but some amazing fellow ketopians convinced me to do it!

  • john says:

    Also wanted to say you’re very beautiful. Keep on and Keto on!

  • Tracey says:

    How do you make your fried cheese?

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